Security Life Insurance Company of America Dental Plans

Security Life Insurance Company of America offers a variety of insurance products to businesses and individuals in the United States. The company focuses on five key concepts for its success: solutions, relationships, flexibility, commitment and leadership. These key concepts drive the company in its efforts to offer a diverse portfolio of dental, vision, life, short-term disability and long-term disability benefits. While primarily a group insurance provider, the company also offers a number of products to consumers directly at the individual level.

About Security Life

Security Life holds a B++ rating with A.M. Best, a company that measures financial stability within the insurance industry. The B++ designation indicates a “Good” standing, which means that Security Life is able to uphold its commitment to policyholders. Founded in 1956, the company continues to work toward building personal relationships with its customer base as a core tenet of its philosophy. Security Life keeps an updated blog of information for its members and strives to keep its business model flexible to meet the needs of the modern world. As an example of the company’s push toward innovative products and customer experience, Security Life plans on adding individual vision insurance options in the near future.

Security Life Dental Plans Available For 2024

Security Life dental insurance is available to groups and individuals, and within those categories, employers and consumers have additional options to customize their coverage. For starters, the company’s group insurance policies appear in two forms: GemStar 1500 and Premier Choice. GemStar is a more limited plan but can be further customized to meet the needs of an individual business. Premier Choice offers even greater options as this plan allows employers to utilize PPO or indemnity plans as needed. The company offers discounts for businesses that combine dental and vision products, and the GemStar plan can be created for companies with only two enrolling members.

At the individual level, Security Life offers several choices for single individuals, families and senior citizens. Individual plans are categorized under the company’s PrimeStar dental product line and can be tailored to fit specific needs. Members who go in-network can visit more than 200,000 access points throughout the country. Other features include a 30-day guarantee for customer satisfaction, free quotes and two covered dental exams per year.

Under the Affordable Care Act, dental insurance for adults is not required, but the ACA does stipulate that children must be covered for dental care. Security Life offers dental plans on the marketplace under its group policies. All of the company’s marketplace plans meet the ACA guidelines for children’s dental coverage, and plans can be purchased via employer-funded policies or voluntarily by employees. Individual standalone dental plans are not available. Consumers should also note that Security Life’s products may not be available in all 50 states.