HumanaOne Dental Plans

HumanaOne acts as a subsidiary of mega-insurer Humana. Also referred to as HumanaDental Insurance Company, HumanaOne administers dental plans to individuals and employers throughout the United States. The company offers a variety of dental insurance products for a wide range of needs, and plans range from basic to comprehensive. Dedicated to its policyholders, Humana works hard to provide fast turnaround time on claims, quick responses to questions and competitive quotes. Based in Kentucky, the company was founded in 1961.

About Humana Dental

As of 2014, Humana is the third largest provider of insurance in the country and serves more than 13 million customers nationwide. The company also ranks 73rd on the Fortune 500 list as of 2013. Insurance products are available to people in almost every state, which helps the company enjoy a ubiquitous standing among other insurers. In addition to its rankings on official scorecards, Humana boasts a number of high ratings on its own scorecard of customer satisfaction. In categories like “Financial accuracy,” “Claims automatically adjusted,” and “Average speed to answer call,” Humana’s customers have reported significant satisfaction. The company prides itself on innovative insurance products and exceptional customer service.

Humana Dental Insurance Products Available

As one of the 10 largest insurance providers in the United States, Humana and its affiliate sites like HumanaOne Dental offer substantial choice when it comes to dental insurance products. Individuals can sign up for a plan directly through Humana or enroll in a plan offered through work where available. The company also offers specialty plans that cover extras like dentures and orthodontia. Plan options include:

  • Coverage for students
  • Dental plans for children
  • Discount dental plans
  • Emergency dental insurance
  • Employer-sponsored coverage
  • Full dental coverage
  • Orthodontic care
  • PPO dental insurance
  • Private dental insurance
  • Supplemental dental insurance

The company’s website provides a Dental Health Assessment to help consumers narrow down their choices and find plans that work for their needs. In addition to the wide range of dental plans available through Humana, customers can also save money by enrolling in a joint dental-vision plan that combines dental coverage with vision insurance. U.S. veterans and their families can enroll in Humana’s Veterans Preventive Plus package, which is only available to service members and reduces the cost of insurance.

There are more than 190,000 dentist locations within the Humana network. Plan availability varies by state. Humana offers coverage nationwide except for the state of Washington and Puerto Rico. Consumers who are interested in enrolling with Humana will need to review the options available in their state.