AmeriPlan Dental Plans

AmeriPlan was created in 1992 in response to the need for more affordable dental care options in the United States, and its focus has been on helping consumers afford costly dental treatments without insurance. The company does not offer insurance coverage. Instead, it sells discount medical, lifestyle, prescription and dental cards that enable customers to receive discounts on a wide range of care. Each card requires its own monthly fee for use of the discount, but the fee applies per household rather than individual, which is an advantage for larger families. Discount dental plans may not work for everyone, but some families enjoy the flexibility in only paying for needed services as opposed to monthly premiums for regular coverage.

Important Note about AmeriPlan

There are some important factors to consider about AmeriPlan if you’re considering one of its discount plans. AmeriPlan uses independent business owners or IBOs to sell products, retain customers and maintain accounts. Over the years, several IBOs have complained about AmeriPlan’s policies regarding payment and recruitment. Consumers too have lodged complaints with organizations such as independent consumer websites and the Better Business Bureau, which is a private organization and has nothing to do with legal regulations. Much of the confusion surrounding AmeriPlan may have to do with the company’s focus on marketing rather than insurance.

The fact remains that AmeriPlan is not an insurance company, and you need to understand the limitations that come from signing up for a discount dental card. Discount cards do not offer coverage like traditional insurance plans do. If you use the card, you may be required to apply for an adjustment of cost after you receive treatment. Insurance, by contrast, usually allows recipients to pay their portion of the fees much later. The discount card could save you money, but you may have to work for it.

AmeriPlan Dental Discount Card

AmeriPlan offers only one type of dental discount card, but this card also comes with discounts on vision, prescriptions and chiropractic care. The AmeriPlan Dental Plus card requires no paperwork or waiting period and can be used at more than 75,000 participating dental practices throughout the United States. You can use the card for a wide range of dental conditions, and the only restriction is that ongoing orthodontic treatments are not covered under the discount card. There are no limits on how many visits you can make.