DentalSave Dental Plans For 2024

Since 1981, DentalSave has been “making private dentistry affordable” through low-cost, fee-for-service dental discount plans. The company does not sell insurance products. Rather, they sell discount plans that can be used at a large number of dental providers throughout the United States to save members money on everything from routine screenings to intensive dental treatments. The company offers products under its own name as well as Careington, another dental discount provider. With the exception of New York and New Jersey, members can use the company’s dental discount cards at any in-network provider via DentalSave or Careington.

About DentalSave

Like most fee-for-service companies, DentalSave seeks to help consumers pay for dental treatments without the need for the strings that come with having traditional dental insurance. Instead of paying a monthly premium for dental insurance, members pay a set fee either yearly or monthly to receive discounts on routine visits, checkups, screenings, X-rays and more extensive work. The fee is low. DentalSave works with an expansive network of licensed dental professionals. Combined with the Careington network, the company offers members the ability to choose from around 119,000 providers nationwide.

DentalSave Products Available for 2024

DentalSave offers only one option as a dental discount card, but this option includes vision, hearing and prescription discounts in addition to the dental savings. The updated card was introduced in 2010 as a way to add value to members’ subscriptions. Consumers who choose this discount card will save a certain percentage off of dental treatments. There’s no waiting period or paperwork involved once a member has signed up for the card and paid his or her fee.

The company offers two options for obtaining the card: monthly or yearly subscriptions. If paying for a yearly membership, consumers will pay the full year’s cost up front and can start using the card immediately. Monthly subscribers will pay a one-time activation fee and a per-month fee. The monthly membership can be canceled anytime, which gives members the ability to check out DentalSave’s services and discounts without committing to a full subscription right away.

While DentalSave only offers one discount card, the company offers several different tiers of membership to fit individual and family need. For example, families of three or more members would pay slightly more than individual members. There’s also a senior level plan that saves a few more dollars. By enrolling in the yearly membership, consumers save a little extra as well.

Those with insurance already can still use dental discount cards to save more on their dental treatments, but the company does advise that consumers who double-up on insurance and discount plans check with their preferred dental provider first to make sure that he or she accepts DentalSave’s plan. Dental insurance doesn’t always cover enough care for treatments like orthodontia, and dental discount cards could help make up the cost of these typically expensive services.