CAREington Dental Plan Information 2024

Careington International operates out of Texas and serves more than seven million customers nationwide by offering different insurance and non-insurance products. Founded in 1979, the company primarily provides non-insurance discount plans on vision, dental and other voluntary healthcare products. However, Careington also partners with an affiliate company called Careington Benefit Solutions to offer insurance products as well. Careington’s dental discount plans allow members to gain discounts on treatments and other services related to dental care, but these plans do not count as insurance.

About CAREington

The company is committed to keeping consumer information safe while providing top-notch healthcare discount products. Careington is registered as appropriate in all of its operating states, and the company takes special care to keep up-to-date on current licensing requirements where it offers products. Currently, Careington holds memberships with the following regulatory organizations:

  • The Consumer Health Alliance
  • The National Association of Specialty Health Organizations

Not only is Careington a member of the Consumer Health Alliance, but the company is one of the founding members of this organization. The Alliance ensures that discount healthcare companies like Careington maintain “fair and ethical business practices.” The CHA serves more than 28 million consumers nationwide.

Careington’s dental network comprises one of the fastest growing networks nationwide by an independently owned company, which means that members will have significant choices when it comes to providers. The company works with more than 40 provider networks to offer discounts on dental and other healthcare products.

Careington Benefit Solutions, which administers dental and other insurance plans, offers an array of products to both employers and individuals. Consumers can purchase plans directly through the company, and these plans do qualify as insurance coverage. Careington International’s corporate insurance affiliate was founded in 2005 as a way to offer more diverse products to its consumers.

CAREington Dental Discount Plans

Careington offers dental discount plans based on location. To learn about a dental discount plan’s specific benefits and features, consumers should visit the company’s website and click on the appropriate state. Residents in Florida, for example, would choose Careington’s standard dental care discount plan that offers members access to more than 67,000 participating dental providers. There are no waiting limits to this plan, and additional family members may be covered at no extra cost.

Discount plans vary by state. While those in Florida only have one dental discount option, residents of California can choose from three distinct plans. Consumers should check out their state to learn more about the company’s products. Careington also combines dental discounts with vision discounts as one product, which means that consumers could benefit from additional savings on routine eye care.