Nationwide Dental Plans

Nationwide as a company traces its roots back to 1925 with the formation of an auto insurer owned directly by policyholders. For almost 90 years, the company’s focus has been on providing quality insurance products to the people it serves. Today, the company is ranked as a Fortune 100 company and is still owned by policyholders. Nationwide now offers a wide range of insurance products in addition to its original auto policies including specialty health insurance, mortgages, homeowners insurance and commercial coverage.

About Nationwide Dental Insurance

Customers are at the core of Nationwide’s business model, and the company works hard to offer services that reflect their commitment to their clientele. Implementing innovative ways to connect with the company, establishing community support and upgrading insurance products are just some of the ways that the company continues to push for better customer service. For detailed information on how Nationwide achieves its goals, consumers can access annual reports from 2010 to 2013 online.

Nationwide boasts high ratings with A.M. Best, S&P and Moody’s as of July 2013, which indicates that the company is financially stable and fiscally responsible. Consumers can read more about the specifics of Nationwide’s financial ratings on the company’s website.

Nationwide Dental Plans Available For 2024

Nationwide offers five dental insurance policies under its Multiflex Dental series. Each plan is designed to be a low-cost alternative to traditional insurance provided through employers, and each plan may be purchased directly through the company by individuals. All plans include coverage for qualified family members and several different ways to pay for monthly premiums. Nationwide’s dental plans are as follows:

  • Classic 1500
  • Classic 2000
  • Classic Select 1500
  • Classic Select 2000
  • PPO Advantage

The numbers following each plan refer to the annual payout maximums. Classic 1500, for example, would be the company’s standard dental policy with a $1,500 annual maximum for payouts. There aren’t many differences between the Classic plans in terms of coverage, but members will most likely pay more per month for plans with higher annual payouts.

The PPO Advantage plan is designed for patients who don’t need a lot of intensive dental work or those who only want coverage for preventive and basic care. Its annual maximum is only $500, but coverage is 100 percent for routine exams and cleanings. Members who pick this plan are responsible for the total cost of the discounted in-network rates for other dental services.

For all dental plans, members will start receiving benefits on the first day of the month following enrollment by the 5th of the previous month. In other words, members who enroll before March 5 would be able to use their dental benefits on April 1. Consumers should also note that none of Nationwide’s policies include coverage for braces.